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Tools & Technology Interest Group 2024 Calls
Stay up to date on the latest developments in the Tools & Technology space with expert trend analysis and breaking legal news or engage in a riveting roundtable discussions.
Streamlined RFP Strategies for In-House Teams (June 13, 2024)
Our June session will focus on making the RFP process smoother and more efficient. We'll explore effective strategies for engaging with law firms and Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs), providing key insights on how to craft compelling RFPs tailored for in-house teams.
How To Identify Metrics That Are Important (April 4, 2024)
A conversation about the categories of metrics (financial, capacity, resources, etc.) and how to decide which metrics are important to your organization and where to start tracking.
Navigating Rate Increases and Leveraging Panels for Strategic Insight (March 14, 2024)
Navigate rate increases and enhance negotiation tactics with law firms and alternative legal service providers. Explore the critical contributions of panels and summits in shaping strategic approaches with an engaging roundtable.
Open Discussion and Technology Roundtable
A discussion to talk about topics of interest for 2024 and provide space for an open discussion regarding current technology questions and subjects.
Your Boss Wants More Metrics: Now What? (February 15, 2024)
Navigating the request for more metrics can be daunting. Craft a compelling metrics presentation for your boss by identifying key performance indicators, showcasing data visualization techniques, and aligning metrics with organizational goals.
Legal Operations Maturity Model (February 14, 2024)
ACC’s Legal Operations Maturity Model is an excellent resource for equipping in-house legal teams with efficient external resource management strategies.
Generative AI and What It Means for Legal and Compliance Departments
During the hour, Morae will cover a brief overview of what this exciting technology really means for legal departments today, what it doesn’t mean, and the risks associated, and the work ahead for our industry to truly capture the benefits of leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs).
How to Motivate Employees to Stop Hoarding Documents (December 13, 2023)
Employees who hoard e-mails and other e-documents create mountains of data and mountains of problems. Data hoarding exposes companies to risks related to privacy, security, eDiscovery, and more; and it saps productivity for those who cannot find the e-files they need.
Running Legal Like a Business 101: The Essentials for Legal Departments (Nov. 09. 2023)
In today's competitive environment, legal departments need to be more efficient, effective, and innovative than ever before. To achieve these goals, legal departments are focusing on running their departments like a businesses.
Legal Technology Roadmap: How to Build and Implement a Technology Plan for Legal (Jan. 23, 2024)
A workshop outlining how to create a legal technology stack. Discussing the best roadmap formats, cadence for updates and aligning legal technology with overall business strategy.
Starting a Legal Operations Function Webinar Series
Join us in the last of our 3-Part series on starting a legal operations function.
Starting a Legal Operations Function Part 3 - Intro to Metrics (October 19, 2023)
Join us in the last of our 3-Part series on starting a legal operations function. The presentation will focus on how to identify which metrics are important to the various stakeholders (the GC, business partners, legal ops team, etc.
Starting a Legal Operations Function Part 2 - Going From 1 to 2 (September 28, 2023)
In the first of our 3 part series we talked about starting a legal operations function from scratch. In the second webinar we will discuss transitioning from a legal operations team of one to two.
Starting a Legal Operations Practice Part 1 - Small Legal Departments (August 17, 2023)
It can be daunting to start a Legal Operations practice from scratch in any legal department, but especially in one that is small or has a tight budget. This webinar will focus on three key strategies that legal teams and solo legal departments can use to create a successful Legal Operations function: collecting the right information, not reinventing the wheel, and getting started.