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Transforming Legal Work with AI: A Live Demo of LinkSquares Cloud (May 16, 2024)

Recorded On: 05/16/2024

Join us for an exclusive live demo where we unveil the revolutionary AI capabilities integrated into the LinkSquares Cloud, designed to redefine efficiency and precision within your legal workflows.

During this immersive session, you'll discover how our cutting-edge AI-powered contract review feature, embedded in the Finalize for Word Add-in, is set to transform the tedious task of redlining. Experience firsthand how it summarizes counterparty positions and generates initial redlines, drastically reducing the time spent on negotiations without compromising accuracy. This innovation ensures you're always a step ahead in document review, approval, and edits, eliminating the need to start from scratch.

What You Can Expect:

- An interactive LinkSquares Cloud walkthrough showcasing its comprehensive features including contract lifecycle management and legal project management.

- A detailed demonstration of AI-powered contract review, illustrating how AI can accelerate and refine the redlining process directly within Microsoft Word.

- Real-world examples of how legal teams use LinkSquares to boost productivity and decision-making capabilities.

- A live Q&A session with licensed attorneys and product experts, ready to answer your questions and share insights on maximizing AI's potential in your legal practice.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore how LinkSquares Cloud, powered by advanced AI, can unlock your legal team’s full potential. Register now to secure your spot in this transformative journey towards streamlined, AI-enhanced legal operations.



Transforming Legal Work with AI: A Live Demo of LinkSquares Cloud
05/16/2024 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 05/16/2024  |  31 minutes
05/16/2024 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 05/16/2024  |  31 minutes
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